Project News

The much-anticipated outcomes report that summarises the key findings of the 2010 LGMA Pre-management Challenge task is now available for download from the Year of Women in Local Government website.

The pre-management challenge outcomes summary is an initiative of Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA), conducted with the support of the Commonwealth Office for Women. The summary represents a collation of key issues, challenges, recommendations and potential pathways forward as identified by 123 Council teams participating in the 2010 LGMA Pre-Challenge Task.

The summary also identifies six (6) topics or themes which generally represent the foundation issues for women

in Local Government, across Australia and New Zealand, including:

  • Corporate culture and attitudes
  • Limited communication and low equity awareness levels
  • Minimal performance accounting and measurement
  • Strong and often negative self perceptions of women
  • Complexities of people management and leadership; and
  • Scope, scale and diversity of family flexibility options and approaches.